珍惜每一刻,就像黄昏一样。Cherish every Moment, Love Life.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hari Kemerdekaan ke-53

Sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia yang ke -53, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Merdeka kepada Malaysia, negara yang saya cintai. Tanpamu, tiadalah saya, tiadalah kehidupan yang aman makmur, tiadalah pelbagai bangsa yang hidup dengan harmoni.

Semoga Malaysia boleh mencapai Wawasan 2020 dan terus maju berkembang menjadi negara membangun serta mencapai demokrasi yang sebenar. Semoga tiada lagi diskriminasi dalam perkauman, tiada sikap pilih kasih sebab semua kaum adalah rakyat Malaysia. Semua rakyat patut terima pertemuan yang adil.

Bangunlah, Malaysia. 1 Malaysia Boleh.

Sunday, August 29, 2010



看了一本何权峰写的书, 《你的幸福,我的祝福》。重复看了两遍,写的都是我们生活上会发生的一些事情,很有道理,值得一看。从它的一篇“独处几天”,我自己也实践了,久久必须一次,让自己跟自己相处。每天都跟别人一起,这样就不必面对自己,你会把自己的烦恼焦虑转移到别人那里,而别人也一样,把问题转移到你这里,这就是人们所谓的关系。关系里你可以把责任推给对方。如果你爱生气,你可以说别人惹你生气;如果你很无趣,你可以说是别人让你很无趣,但是如果你自己一个人,你怎么办?你无法把问题推给别人。







Friday, August 27, 2010

HapPy WeEkEnD

Last week went back to Ipoh after so long never back. Cooked 2 dishes for my family for the first time!! ( very regretful because so grown up already only cook. ish ish)

haha, my first dish!!
second dish!! (looks so simple till everyone also know how to do)
This dish was cooked by me and my mum!!
This is the most delicious one by mummy!!

And it's super happy that I went to the Ipoh Garden East's pasar malam with my uncle, my dad's sis (姑姑) and my dad's aunt (姨婆). Bought a lot of things to eat. Whole Friday was very very full till i sleep. Sure gain a lot of weight by the day itself.

The next day I went for a movie in Jusco with dad's sis (姑姑). Watched the movie that I am so longing to watch which is 龙凤店 starring Richie Ren and Barbie Hsu. Both looks great in that movie as a couple. We laugh from beginning till the end. It's a very nice movie to watch!! It's funny, sweet and eye catching. Thumbs up thumbs up!!

TGV Cinema Popcorn!! slurpp!!

The poster for this movie
So sweet!!
She looks pretty even she is holding a cane. lol.
And i love the cane. there is pink color ribbon and a little bell there!! very nice
This scene is the sweetest one.
I think this is the most handsome look of him in the movie. haha.

Then we went for late lunch in Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant in front of Jusco. Sushi there are nice and price are reasonable. For sure I will go there again. Thanks 姑姑 for the nice treat!!And here are some photos i took using my Ixus Digital Camera. ( I think it can take nice macro photo especially food!!!!) Yummy yummy!!

this restaurant has a huge and thick menu
cups of green tea
sauce plates and little pot for sauce
very nice lo
soft shell crab. I think is the best dish for the day.
now see the photo still so mouth watering!! lol
sushi 2
Japanese seafood fried rice
wahaha..meals we had..super nice ar!!!
miso soup 1
different miso soup 2
thanks 姑姑 for the super tasty meal and movie!! hehe..
can you see the sotong's mouth??
reasonable price
sushi belt

I have new color for my nails too.

Thanks Zi Yang for the strawberries!! very nice!! Thank you thank you!!
delicious strawberries

Long time never had a relaxing weekend!! super happy. Continue anti-emo!!! This weekend will be another enjoyable one because we have an outdoor photo shooting for Bani and Friends with kenny, alwyn and zi yang. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day and not so sunny!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

nEw CoLoRs Of mY LiFe

Just had a nice and relaxing weekend back in Ipoh after so long never back to hometown. Now only wanna blog about my wushu tournament last saturday and sunday. I have been thinking about the competition this week.

Joined sparring training this year April and i enjoyed it so much. Though it was quite tiring and painful for me when i first being trained. The warming up, stretching my legs, physical training, building up my stamina and etc. I don't really join in sports in my past 20 years. Everything starts from zero.

Flashing back the obstacles happened during training, time management as i am already a year 3 student and everything. I am so lucky. Although I lost in the match, I have won experiences. It's a new color that i never had in my life. It's priceless, right? Here are some photos revealed the memorable wushu tournament.

Waiting to go to medical check up on Thursday

reached persekutuan wushu perak

application form

First day of the tournament, no match for me, so i was the photographer of the day!!

in the bus!!
reached wisma majlis sukan negeri perak
apple pie of McD given by little zi xuan! muaksss!!
My first time makan this pie.lol

body guards and head guards! newly arrived from China.
venue for sanda!!
zi xuan and me
zi xuan so cute!! chairman, Chim (right) and vice chairman, Zi yang (left)
Zi xuan:"u promise me yea"
Zi yang:"yes madam!!"
zi xuan so lovely!!zi yang so funny..lol
this picture so funny lo!! little zi xuan is the dai lou!!
lovely cutie!!
wushu family

Here comes the next day in which my match is the 2nd match in the morning. Only 4 girls participating in the girl's sparring. My category only has 2 people in which I have to spar with zi yan. I was so nervous that day because my family coming to watch the match. I kept wishing that i will not kena belasah kao kao. lol.

the match - me with zi yan
never know we will be competing each other.
finally, silver + gold!!
my first time!!!!
me, zi xuan, zi yan and wai wai!!
sparring team!! good job!!
wushu family!!
zi xuan, me and chee choon
photography family!! thanks alot to Alwyn for being the photographer of the day!!
thumbs up!!
me and lovely zi xuan!!
long time never play this game already. love the smiles on our face. it's childhood memories.

UTAR bus with wushu family!!

The tournament ended successfully and UTAR wushu club winning 5 golds, 5 silvers and 1 bronze. To me, it's a breakthrough in my life. Memories that I will never forget. Thank you instructors, zi yan, wai wai, sze cia, chee choon, zi yang and all wushu friends. Without support and encouragement, I may give up long time already. Really appreciate it. Proud of myself for being persevere!! hehe.

silver silver!! haha.
Next week we will have a celebration at instructor, Mr.Lee's house, I am so keen to have fun with everyone. And we girls will be helping out Mrs. Lee to prepare. hahaha. Can't wait. It will be the last relaxing activity before final exam starts. Joining sparring toughen my physical and mental. Especially in terms of mentality, it trained me not to give up so easily and to adhere to things that are worth it to. I have become stronger!! hehehe.