珍惜每一刻,就像黄昏一样。Cherish every Moment, Love Life.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice song to share~~

The unfinished story

I see you in my dreams and I remember
all the good times we had together
It does not matter how near or far we are
you are always in my heart

Across the distance and spaces between us
the moon, the stars are shining for us
wheresoever I go, I go with all my heart
truth is that you are always in my heart

Don't cry for me because I don't want to stay
tomorrow is a glorious day
if we cannot live so as to be, happy
let us live to deserve it

The foolish seeks happiness in the distance
the wise grows it under the sun
wheresoever I go I go with all my heart
truth is that you are always in my heart

In my heart in my heart
you are always in my heart
tonight tonight please hold me tight
we will feel the love tonight

In my heart in my heart
you are always in my heart
tonight tonight just hold me tight
we will feel the love tonight

Life is like a series of stories
we will meet again finally
your eyes will be the same
your voice will be the same
and the moon and the stars will be the same

Don't cry for me because I don't want to stay
tomorrow is a glorious day
wheresoever I go I go with all my heart
truth is that you are always in my heart

Friday, April 23, 2010

HaPpY bUfDaY tO yOu~~

It's your birthday today, wish you have a blast one. Happy birthday and enjoy. Hope you happy always. Must happy always.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Finally, Perfect Shot Penang, 10 and 11 April 2010, Penang trip, ended successfully. I sincerely thanks everyone who helped out a lot in this trip. thanks everyone who join the trip. I hope that all of you will gain something precious and enjoy the trip very much. This is the first time i tried to be an organizing chairman. First time in my life. I know i have not done my very best, but, it a good try though. Sometimes, i felt that i am not a good leader, but a good follower. Both have to be balanced up.
I don't have the charisma in which once you stand, people can see you. I know i can plan well and make sure every committee carry out their duties. Something quite embarrassing happened during the day morning was that i terlupa our officer following us. Luckily he called me on time, we were still in the campus and we could U-turn back to fetch him. And i realized i could hardly to express myself when facing the crowds of one bus. Always forget about things that i need to convey. hmm, maybe i need more training and practices. And i need more confidence.
Another thing is that i rather do it myself than asking my committee to do. I know a good leader will delegate task appropriately, but, i am just too afraid to bother them. I would need to be not so conservative and do what is suitable depends on the situation.

Good news is that, i successfully recruited as the emcee for the Orientation programme. Congratz myself because what i aim, i get it. Thanks that day i am not nervous and no hand shake. haha. And thanks to Seng Poh who asked me a question " what if the heritage hall electricity suddenly break down, what will you react?" haha, i get this question during the interview and audition session. Ish, and for the midterm marks, some i get quite high marks and some i get very low. haiz, i think this is what i expected, cannot blame anyone, because i studied last minute.

And this tuesday, Ms esther asked me whether i wanna join Talent time and be the assistant treasurer. And the next day, i went to the meeting already. And i have to hand in the budget tomorrow, means now. I just finish it. Hope that, it is ok and does not need to amend some more. My next semester will be very pack and i cannot stay in hometown for the whole sembreak. I need to come back to UTAR for the talent time preparation, emcee and the Chinese Orchestra performance. haha, alot of things to do.
~ My best shot~
Coming this saturday will be a gathering with the Wushu from Sg. Long and at night, will the UTAR 1st singing competition. Im going to shoot photo. And the next day, which is sunday, i am going to Taiping with the wushu gang!! hooray, trip again. I need to spend money again. This time we need to climb up the Maxwell Hill which take around 3 hours to reach the top. HOpefully i can manage it. haha. If not, cham lo...who's going to carry me on the back?

Here are more photos that i have taken during the Penang Trip --Perfect Shot Penang--

Friday, April 9, 2010


你要的不是我 - 林俊杰

怎么能忘 时间多长
你快乐吗 想代替你回答
你知道吗 走了好远
这份牵挂 沉默伤悲



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My FiRsT PiAnO lEsSoN

Everything came too fast and not predictable! I had wushu training last night and suddenlydon't know why we talked about piano and don't know why i accepted to be Zi Xuan's piano teacher. This is my first time to teach a student alone. I once had an experience to teach a few children theory under my teacher's guidance. And this is the first time am alone teaching from the beginning. Excited. Hope that i have done my very best!

~Cutie little Zi xuan~

After the morning jog with wushu gang, i went to find a manuscript book, but in vain. I decided to do one myself which is print out and photostated 30 copies.Finally, i ring binded it. tada~~ a manuscript book, D-I-Y.

Had a movie review session in UTAR before the lesson. The movie namely "Face the Giant" is indeed had a very inspiring and motivating synopsis. The lessons i could learn are never give up, have faith in our heart, don't quit and be perseverance. Intention and belief is very important and it affects our attitude and result. Plow the land and prepare to receive the results. God is there for the one who work hard. Thanks everyone if you lose and thanks everyone if you win. Be appreciative. You can do big things.

After that, i have to drive to Zi xuan's house. I still cannot recognize the route to her house, so, a few rounds in Taman Bandar Baru Barat, and i reached safely. (See, Zi yang, i can find by myself. hehe.) Had a great time with Zi xuan and she can learn and catch up things very fast. I plan not to overwhelm her for the first time. So, i started slowly. Beats, tempo, sing along and clap hands. Taught her black keys and middle C. What is spider, the correct position. As for theory, taught her treble clef and bass clef. Hope she loves both practical and theory. And thanks Zi xuan's mother for the refreshing honey lemon and cheesy lasagna. It's so so nice. It gave me confidence to continue teaching her and I'm sure i can try to make teaching piano as my part time job here. Have faith!!^^

Photos taken during UTP, me and her!!

p/s: gotto rush for class now!! tata.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


相爱的人不一定要整天见面, 最重要是了解和互相鼓励。
当大家都知道大家是为了未来而奋斗时,就会有共同的理念。这是我最向往,却又得不到的 爱情。

Monday, April 5, 2010



~ 海派甜心~


Friday, April 2, 2010

SlOw DoWn

It's time to stop, hesitate, look around and enjoy the sceneries. It's beautiful, enough. I will be in great mess if i continue like this. Sunset is nice, even though you are not with your love one. The most important is how you appreciate it, your state of mind, your angles of looking at it.

Sometimes when i knew it's wrong, it will be hurting myself, but, i still go on with it. I mean i am just so contradict. It's the same theory as in when u always said you want to revise after the lecture, and end up, you are surfing the net instead of studying. This happened many times in your life, do you? It does ruin your life, very much.

After the break up, it's nearly 4 months. I changed a lot. I see things in different way. I appreciate now, not future. No dreaming of future. No hesitation. I make decision faster. Once i have the feeling to do so, i will just accept. Just no hesitation.

After so many busy days, i think it's time for me to slow down my pace, stop awhile and look around. Something beautiful that i have not even think of it.

Slow down, Pui Yee, you already did a good job, so far.

Dear my beloved mummy, thanks for everything you gave us. I am happy to be your daughter. I love you, mummy. Seeing your smile, your surprise expression, we are satisfied. We will try to be more obedient and not to make you angry. We love you. Wish you happy everyday, mummy. You are the best. Muaksss!!