珍惜每一刻,就像黄昏一样。Cherish every Moment, Love Life.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

梦 . 现实 * Dream & Reality

Had an enjoyable yet tiring weekend. Moral kempen, enchanted fairytale night and also went to Sitiawan to visit the sea turtles. Nice =] Gain more experience in taking event photo. Thanks to Jennifer for lending me her camera and her gear and thanks Andrew for his flash gun. One day, i will have my own DSLR!! Not dreaming anymore! Love the bokeh by 50mm F1.4. Arghh!!

过了个很充实却很累的周末,星期六早上moral kempen,晚上拍event,星期日和武术的朋友去sitiawan看海龟。好充实!但是我好累啊!累也会让我的心情随之而改变。当然我希望每天都开开心心啦!看到身边的朋友们没烦恼,健康开心的过日子,确实很满足。星期一早上起来之前发了一场梦。呵呵!傻到!不过很开心。现实是没有但在梦里经历过也很满足!好真实! 哈哈!好傻。

welcoming our Encik Amir
our press conference
my group members
the whole group for the moral kempen!
jennifer and me!
hon leong, me, Jay Tsen, Canisius and Vince!
we all with Eiko!!
funny photo! we are shooting her!!
Me and Eiko!! She's so so sweet!
jennifer and me
finally me!!

P/s: 可以 喜欢你吗?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

灵活 . 不同的角度

阔别许久,有半年时间没去拍活动了。回看以前拍下的一切,是时候突破自己更进一步,不能再停留在那个程度。自己没有SLR, 所以很感谢曾经借我相机的朋友及学会,让我有机会学到许多许多。也感谢一直教导我摄影技术的同伴们,谢谢你们,真的学到许多宝贵的知识。今晚有机会再次重握相机,希望自己头脑变得灵活一点,转快一点,尝试更多不同角度,不同拍法。希望会有进步,当然也要享受于拍摄其中。

Really wish to get my own DSLR. Recently there is something i need to consider about although there's still half year for me to think about. UTAR is offering some of us a chance to be full-time tutor(with paid) in UTAR once we graduated, but condition is to further our master degree in UTAR. I has been thinking this for few nights. However, i still cannot decide on it. Can i really make academic my career? Prospect, self-development, corporate world. There are a lot to consider. Academic is a stable job in which I don't need to work 9-5 everyday, it's flexi hours, high pay, furthermore u can further your master degree simultaneously and it has 100% scholarship. No doubt it's attractive. But provided we need to be First Class graduand.

However, I know i am a person that is outgoing and wants challenges a lot. I am satisfied if i could finish a job given. So, should i choose to go out to the corporate world and explore it once I graduated, then if I were not comfortable with, then only come back to further my studies? Maybe 2 years? 2 years are really long. What if there is no more opportunity like this?

This is really "The Road Not Taken". Hard to make decision. However, life is full of choice. Only I myself only knows what I want the most. Good luck to you guys and me as well. Slowly, I can make it.

Love. Life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010



Monday, November 22, 2010

Performance by ZiXuan~

Went to take photo for ZiXuan in which she performed as a Princess in a Drama namely "Princess and the Frog". She did a good job! *Clap* She's a princess in my heart. I always support you. Here are some photos taken.

she's pretty!!
and lovely!
dancing with the frog prince
happy ending!
me and you~ muaksss!!
Mr. Lee, ZiXuan and Mrs. Lee aka May
ZiXuan with them
ZiXuan and Vince
a random photo of me
the hotel lobby decoration
some geli thing we took!! haha
Thanks to Huan Jie for lending me his D90 and thanks Vince for helping in taking photos. Appreciate! Thanks!
P/S: I hope to get my own DSLR!! Im addicted to 50mm lens already!! I want I want!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010




Monday, November 15, 2010

Malacca trip!!

I tried my best to finish my assignment before going for the trip. The night before the departure, i went to Uni Sports complex to participate in a Chinese Cultural night. It's indeed a very successful event. Well done, Jason and his team. Not much photo taken during that night. Pretty enjoy it because long time never joining an event as a participant. There are lots of food stalls and game stalls. Went there with CC. We caught 8 gold fish in a game. lol.

Zi Yan and Me
Jasmine, Fang Yi, Me and Zi Yan
Raymond and me (with Chee Choon's Prize)
Me and Chee Choon (Face full with oil)
The Chinese Cultural Night

The next day is the Malacca trip. We stay one night in Port Dickson. We have team building on the first day where we experienced alot of games that we played before when we were in small age which requires teamwork. The best one to me is the tug of war. My team won in that game most probably because Hon leong is in our group. Muahaha. Day in Port Dickson, I didn't spend as the meals are provided by Eagle Ranch Resort. It's the best place to have team building and experience obstacles training.

The morning before we depart
Branden and Me!! (Potato!! haha)
Eagle Ranch Resort
After team building!!
Lunch at Eagle Ranch Hotel
Obstacles training
Obstacles training

After Obstacles!! Love it!!

Me and Esther
Random mum and son at Port Dickson Beach
Me and Vivian
at the beach
After Port Dickson Seaside
team building
team building
inside the Eagle Ranch Resort Dorm
haha!! c my expression!
At the Resort

Me and Esther with the donkey or horse?
Branden and Jennifer!
Alwyn and me
Chicken Rice Ball
at A' Famosa by Wei Cheng
me and vivian! by Wei Cheng
A' Famosa
Satay Celup
At Stadhuys
At Stadhuys

Around 11am, we depart to Malacca. We had Chicken Rice Ball as lunch and Satay Celup as dinner. In my opinion, never try satay celup because my stomach has been not comfortable for one whole week. not advisable to try la peeps. We visited the Stadhuys and A' famosa. Bus drivers were not behaving well, they always late and drove recklessly. However, everyone had a very good photo session. Take photo to their hearts' content. At night, we went to JOnker Walk. I bought alot of things! Lovely fans, clips, chopsticks (surname printed on it), a new hat and durian puffs!

Breakfast at the Hotel
love this picture!
zi yang, esther and me!
Ling Ching, Jeannie and me!
group photo before leaving the hotel
only us - Year 3 photo kaki ( we are old ady)
haha! me making crap face!
wei cheng and me in the bus
durian cendol with esther!
going back
john, me and Eiko!!!
me (photo by chee choon)
in the bus!!
me and vivian sleeping in the bus
The best shot of this trip think!! haha.

The next day, we visited the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum in which we were not allowed to take photo. Went to Jonker Walk during the day, I have bought a magnet little bear which i wanted it so much. it's so cute! That day lunch was cendol and Har mee of Melaka, it made my stomach feels sick. I think my stomach cannot afford cold beverage and lemak food. Then, we lepak in Pahlawan in which I was quite tired. Didn't buy anything from there. Had a sundae cone from McD and that's it, we came back around 6pm. The bus driver was quite unstable I can say. We played card games in the bus and it's craziness!! All in all, it's really an enjoyable trip. I LOVE this trip!! Love everyone in the trip. Hope we can have another trip before I graduate.