珍惜每一刻,就像黄昏一样。Cherish every Moment, Love Life.

Monday, May 24, 2010

recent me

I went for hair cut, twice. The result is -->
Went for gathering with my beloved house mates and with Eline. And went for an unforgettable Genting trip with hor shin, su xian and shiau peng. This sembreak is undoubtedly the best one. It was the first trip that we went together. We had a relaxing 2 days 1 night there. The weather was cool and soothing. We were delighted because of the windy atmosphere. The hotel room we booked was very nice, it has a theme park view. And hor shin and I visited the Casino. We were blocked outside the casino and checked for our ICs. Shiau peng and su xian could not get in. That was our first time.

Time passed very fast especially the good times. We have wonderful phototaking sessions. But the second day, i was sicked. Suddenly fever and flu attacked. Lukilly, we have panadols. It did not affect my mood though. When we back to ipoh, we cannot tahan the hot weather. It's super super hot!!
New semester comes. And this is the final year for me in UTAR. I am worried about my last semester's results. Had very tough papers. New semester will be a busy one I suppose. Mass call, Chinese orchestra camp, talent time, mysterious night, chinese orchestra concert and AGM of photography society. I didn't even notice i am having all these activities. Hope i can cope with it. Pray hard for my new sem.

P/s: Love you all. Grateful to have you all with me.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


他有一双漂亮的眼睛, 长长的睫毛,可以挂三根橡皮圈。










Saturday, May 15, 2010


I think you want me to disappear from this world, don't you?
you hated me so much.
Like can become dislike and eventually hate?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I don't want.

I cannot take it. I really cannot take it. I know it's reality, but. I keep telling myself not to get disturbed, not to think about it. It's already reality.

How i wish I can go to Cameron Highlands with you when we were together. and now, i saw the photo that she went to cameron. she was wearing your jacket. It's you. I knew it.

I don't want to think about this anymore.
I don't want. I don't want. I don't want.
Stop!! cut my brain.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finished and Disturbed

Exam is officially ended. Had a very tough paper which is Taxation. With a lot of rules and a lot of situations that i have never face before. Damn. I scared i will fail this paper. Please pray hard. I do not want to repeat this subject!

Hope Man U has a better luck next season. Man U forever. Glory~~ Glory~~ Man U~~

And i feel something. You fall for someone? I think i guess right. I think i know who is she. I thought you said you want a single life? It disturbed me. I know i have decided to end everything, to let go, to love myself more. But, it still disturbed me. Just, be happy. I will be happy too.

“如果大海能够 唤回曾经的爱
如果深情往事 你已不再留恋
如果大海能够 带走我的哀愁
所有受过的伤 所有流过的泪
我的爱 请全部带走”

*I am happy, when you're happy and when I am with myself*

Watched Thomas Cup just now and Malaysia 2-3 lost to Japan which held in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. What the hell~~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

hApPy MoThEr'S dAy!!

My dearest mummy, happy mother's day!!
I love you, mummy.

Called my mum early in the morning today, and i sang a song for her, halfway, i cried already.

Every year, i am with her during the Mother's day, but, this time, i am not with her.
Wish her stay healthy and happy and pretty everyday!! i miss you mum!!

I will gambate in my last 2 papers! do not worry about me. I love you...muaksss!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Exam perioD~~

Oh, it's exam again. 3 down and 2 more to go. Miss my blog. Thinking of finding a suitable photo to put. thought of it long time already. As usual, exam to me = last minute. Never study during study week. Stress me up. And last night sleep at 4am and 9am paper. so tired. Should i go sleep awhile or continue study or continue facebook or watch drama? I don't want last minute anymore, but, could I?

Ish, I long time never update my photos and my blog. Abit rusty. Have to upload the photos of my Penang trip with Wushu gang. Miss the moment with them.
This sunday is Mother's day, i should have gone home and celebrate with mummy. But, I have exam till next Tuesday. Nevermind, i will postpone the celebration with you!! Muaksss!! I will try my best in the last 2 papers!! thanks, mummy.

Caryn is going to move to Sg. Long soon. I will miss her alot. Especially during Man U match. If i had the chance to go KL, i will go find you, ok?

This semester, i will have a shortest sem break i have ever had. Only 1 week. gonna come back to kampar for the rehearsal of Mass call and admin briefing for the orientation week. Woohoo, abit nervous, but, new experience for me!! I will try my best for the Emcee.

Good luck everyone who are still having exam. Sembreak is coming!! borrowed a few novels to read! I am having backache now. Damn pain. I think i should have go and rest awhile. Will update next time.