珍惜每一刻,就像黄昏一样。Cherish every Moment, Love Life.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Finally, i have time to online, i am free from mid terms and assignments. I have lots of things to blog. Gonna draft the content first, if not i will forget to blog everything that is so important to me. (saye sangat pelupa)

1. New friends
2. UTP and wuhsu family
3. Feelings

I have met a lot of new friends and there are 3 of them in which i have to blog. Jason Yeah, a guy that i have met when i was jaga-ing my penang trip's booth last thursday. He told me about his plan in doing a great event for not only utar students but for the citizens of kampar. He is from young Entrepreneurship Society and he is studying entrepreneurship. After some chat, i only realized how he knew me, through Abigail.haha, nice to meet you, Jason. I am sure you can do what you want and get what you want. By the way, sorry for rejecting to be your secretary as i will be a final year student next sem. So, good luck in your event and me and abigail and your special one will sure be supportive, alright? show us what you can do!!

He told me one thing that i found it quite meaningful. He said:" go to the bathroom, hold your pail, and fill up with water till full. Don't let go, what do you feel? Painful? heavy? it's time for you to let go, when u feel the pain".What for holding it tight? you will hurt yourself.

And another friend that actually i have known earlier in this semester is Zi Yang. He is from Wushu Club. A friendly guy, confident, funny, far sighted, and characteristics are almost same like cc. We knew each other more during the trip back from UTP. Told me his history, his story, his special one. I sincerely hope that kind person like him and all my friends around me won't get hurt and sad. Good luck, people.

Another friend is Zi yan (Joane). She is an all rounded girl. She knew pipa, piano and wushu!! Hope can know her more. Saw her so tired and weak that day, hope that she is fine. Must rest more yea!! worry about u ler.

I cannot believe myself will go for the Universiti Technology Petronas on Friday night as i have a midterm on saturday which i haven't finish study. Gosh, i just don't want to miss the opportunity since Zi yang said it's really worth it to visit the Uni. Thanks to him, i really did not regret to go for it. The uni is very big and classy. Very scientific. Luckily i brought 500D there and took a lot of photos. Gained much experience. Thanks. And UTAR wushu CLub was being invited to perform 3 performance. It was very very nice and smooth. Proud of them. I am so happy to know them. All are nice and passion.

And the day before, we gave Mr. Lee a surprise birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Mr. Lee. He is a very good lecturer and advisor, has a lovely family. His daughter very very cute and his wife is very nice and kind, she can cook very well! thanks for the dinner and thanks for fetching me. haha. It's really my pleasure to get to know them.

During Thursday, i met him. He is still like avoiding me. I really wondering am i so so scary? Can't we just be friends? Seems like i will eat him up. Roar~~ When saw you, i will think back the days we be together. upset me again. I am trying so hard to stand up, but, once see you, i will just automatically think about the past. haha, it's really hard to face it. It's the damn reality. So, what to do? Promise myself already to let go. Slowly ba, pui yee.

I am looking forward to this tuesday which i can have the practice for wushu and thursday for swimming and of course penang trip with my members!! Hopefully everything can run smoothly as planned. hehe.

Ah, i am damn sleepy now, got to sleep. Nitez people.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Congratulations to Pooi Yee and Baby~~

It was indeed a very warm and happy occasion. Mun chin, Hor Sin, Shiau Peng, Huey Min and I went to Pooi Yee's house and celebrated her birthday plus met her new born baby!!

Congratulations, Pooi Yee. You are awesome, you are a great mum. Seeing you feeding and talking softly to your baby, it's heartfelt. The scene was so warm, full with happiness. I am sure you took much courage to deliver him!
Listening to your stories, seeing you with your baby, your smile, your love, we bless you always.

Take good care and we will meet again soon. Love you always~~


Monday, March 15, 2010


“不能握手 从此匿名朋友
其实我执着 依然执着
不能握手 却比爱人更长久
只有失去拥有 最永久”


Friday, March 12, 2010

covertly like this

Touching up the business plan. Later 12pm will be the dateline. We are still rushing and touching up for the appendixes. Last minute work. Darn. Hope our hard work will not be wasted. It's 4.20am now.

Suddenly click into my facebook profile photos and i saw a picture of you and me. It's when we went to Taiping with canisius and friends. Still remember that last time whenever i worked till late in the night, you will still staying up and accompany me. That's sweet. A guy like you deserve the happiness you are having now.

The fact is, i busy up myself with a lot and a lot of activities. This can cure, and for sure, it can make me not thinking about the past, and live happily with my busy life. Arghh, memories keep emerging. I know what i have decided, but, i still remember the promise i made for you. Do you think that i was joking with you?

So contradictory. And because of this, i was like lost 1 of my friends. She had dispute of idea with me about this. haha, how pathetic!! What i can do, i have already done to "save" the friendship. I have done my part. Sorry have been said, and i didn't do anything wrong. Never mind. I realized that i am not good in having friends like u. I scared people away. Leave me alone. Go away. All of you, go away. It hurts!! so much.

I cannot do anything.
Surprisingly and covertly, i will still miss you.
At times.

p/s: 尽管如此,感谢你在我难过的时候陪着我。我珍惜这份友谊。谢谢你。

Monday, March 8, 2010

HaPpY bUfDaY, mY dEaR yEe SiN!!

You are finally 21st!! My dear yee sin!! wakaka. Glad to have you with me always. This post is Specially for you. My dear yee sin. Thanks for understanding me in any kind of situation. Just so nice to have you. Appreciate you.
Happy Birthday, my girl. Dai gou lui lo, must sang sing la!!

Though cannot celebrate with you today, here's a soft copy of the cake. haha!! Will celebrate with you when i meet you!!

Me and you during a gathering.
I edited this with gaussian blur, nice??look soft right?

This is another one edited.Do you like it?
Wish you have a nice 21t birthday and everything will come to you smoothly.
All the dreams come true!!
You are the best.
love you.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

you are awesome

You are awesome.
SHIT liao. Really shit man.

Recently addicted to this song. nice one.
Shanghai memories of 1945
I'm wondering how I came to be here
Lying alone trying hard not to shed a tear
Remember daddy said "Boys don't stay for long"
They always think that there's something wrong
I open up my eyes and I see
Little reminders of when you're here with me
I'm hooked to the telephone
Please you've got to call
I know you never promised anything at all
*Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
My last two weeks go by and I stay
All alone in my room with no one to play
I must realize you will never see
Life could be good if you only stayed with me
*Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
*Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
*Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
Shanghai memories of 1945
I don't cry, I don't cry
I don't cry, I don't cry

Finally, a few events that i was looking forward has ended successfully. I was really damn tired. My left knee pain, I think it was my old I have got the chance to be the photographer of the CNY celebration dinner and the UTAR Model search 2010. Both were indeed very grand occasion and were nicely carried out. Gain a lot of experience in taking event photographs. Thanks to Shu, Hon Leong, Yin Yee and Kenneth. And thanks Shu for bringing me the flashlight. I still have a lot to learn.And it was a good idea to buy personal lens even i don't own a SLR. I hope i can have more photo taking trips. Muahaha.

I think i scare people away.

This weekend I am going to Broga Hill!! So coincidently that Mr. Khor, Miss ALice and Mr. Jason who are UTAR staff are going, so I tag along. I am so so excited and twins also going. I am sure it will be a nice photo taking trip. Away from the hustle and bustle of "KAmpar life".It's been quite long since i visited the mother nature.Lovely!!

I changed my way of thinking.
To be secretly persevere.

Photos will be uploaded when i finish all my assignments and mid terms.Arghh, i need a lot time to choose photos and process it.I am gaining my experience. haha. good.I am still working on my HSBC Business Plan. Financial stuff is always harder than giving ideas and writing other part. but, that's my choice, I will try my best!! Aiks, This few weeks will really really busy. I am in a mess. Totally mess.Society's thingy, trips, assignment, midterms!!damn.

You will be okay.
I believe.
You can reach for your star.
Don't hesitate.
I support you.